DTN Cattle Prices/Trends 02/17 09:50

DTN CATTLE PRICES/TRENDS 02/17 09:50 HEAD SOLD LIVE STEERS DRESSED LIVE HEIFERS DRESSED KANSAS 2,000 119-120 . 119-120 . NEBRASKA 2,000 120.00 *188-190(BID) 120.00 *188-190(BID) TEXAS 500 120.00 . 120.00 . COLORADO . *120.00(BID) . *120.00(BID) . IOWA . *119.00(BID) . *119.00(BID) . *=PRIVATE SOURCES DTN COMMENTS: Packer inquiry is improving this morning as buyers move to cover short-term needs. With early sales at 119.00-120.00 in the South, the market looks near steady with last week (i.e. last week's 5-area weighted average with $119.75). Asking prices are around 121.00-122.00 in the South, and 191.00-192.00 in the North. Cattle futures are significantly higher near midmorning, supported by short-covering and cash premiums. Beef cutouts are expected to be higher with light to moderate box movement. NOTE: Feedlots are encouraged to call DTN with any cattle sales, at 1-800-369-7675, 1-402-399-6402, or 1-402-462-8897. All sales will be listed anonymously and organized by state. General trends and summaries from this data will be posted on the Daily Sales Reported to DTN page.