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Governor Beebe is pictured with Arkansas Soybean Board Promotion members (front row) Rusty Smith, Donald Morton, (back row) West Higginbothom, Joe Thrash, Shannon Davis, Jim Carroll and Gary Sitzer.


Governor Beebe proclaims November as Arkansas Soybean Month. The Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board (ASPB), chaired by Shannon Davis, was on hand to thank the governor for his support of Arkansas soybean farmers.

The purpose of Arkansas Soybean Month is to shine a spotlight on the immense contribution made by Arkansas soybean farmers to the state's economy. And, to encourage Arkansans to actively seek out and purchase products that contain soy ingredients. By purchasing products made with soy, you are helping to support your local Arkansas soybean farmers.

Soybeans are grown by thousands of farmers in 50 of Arkansas’ 75 counties. Last year, Arkansas produced 136 million bushels of soybeans valued at more than $2 billion. Arkansas’ poultry and livestock industries make our state the third largest consumer of soybean meal, and Arkansas ranks 10th in the nation in soybean production.


Soy Products!

Products made from soybeans and its components are being developed every day through checkoff-funded research. These products are designed to expand the soybean industry and create new uses for soy in our every day life. Here are a few you might not know about. For additional products, check out our interactive Soy Products Guide.

  • foam for automotive seats
  • tires
  • insulation
  • candles
  • cleaning products
  • paint and ink
  • cosmetics
  • pharmaceuticals


Cooking With Soy!

The Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board is always on the look out for great tasting, healthy recipes using soyfoods. This month, we are spotlighting our video recipe for Soy Sweet Potato Pie, made by lifestyle expert, P. Allen Smith. This is one of our holiday favorites!

Great Soy Recipes




Arkansas Soybean Campaign

In November, be on the lookout for our television spots promoting soybeans. In these spots, Jim Carroll, fourth generation soybean farmer from Brinkley, tells the story of Arkansas Soybeans.

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