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Posts by Cecilee Pamplin

Jamison Murry, Soil Conservationist Pine Bluff, AR

As a child, Jamison Murry considered being a dentist, fireman or a police officer like his dad as a future career. Until he was introduced to farming and realized he wanted to take a different route studying the science behind production agriculture. “There was something about that dirt, there was something about a freshly tilled…

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Root Knot Nematode Dr. Travis Faske

Arkansas Research Arms Soybean Farmers Against Southern Root-Knot Nematodes By Laura Temple Soil harbors countless beneficial microorganisms that help plants thrive. But it also harbors plant-killers. In Arkansas and other areas of the Mid-South, the southern root-knot nematode decimates soybeans. “Nematodes are tiny, non-segmented round worms,” explains Dr. Travis Faske, professor and Extension plant pathologist…

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Developing Profitable Irrigated Rotational Cropping Systems for Arkansas Dr. Jason Kelly, University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Agronomist

Dr. Jason Kelley, an agronomist with the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, recently concluded a nine-year project looking for ways to increase soybean yields in Arkansas. The findings of this project are now being used to help producers make the most profitable crop rotation decisions. Kelley considered how yields respond, how crops respond…

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Investigating Emerging Production Recommendations for Sustainable Soybean Production Dr. Jeremy Ross, UADA Extension Agronomist

Dr. Jeremy Ross, extension agronomist with the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture (UADA), engages on two national projects that focus on refining yield-boosting soybean production methods. One project examines how sulfur deficiency affects crops and qualifies proper treatments to address the issue. The second analyzes the impact of foliar fertilizer on these crops. The…

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Field Based Determination of Chloride Tolerance in Soybean Dr. Trent Roberts, University of Arkansas Associate Professor of Soil Fertility and Testing

Dr. Trent Roberts, associate professor of soil fertility and testing at the University of Arkansas, oversees the University’s chloride testing research project. The project aims to increase the resolution of the screening and diagnostic process to better assist producers with finding the best soybean variety for their field. Water quality and the plant itself contribute…

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