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Joe Thrash, Secretary-Treasurer

Nominated By: Farm Bureau

Joe Thrash said he spent his childhood on the farm with his dad, wearing the paint off the fenders of a few tractors. A third-generation farmer, he didn’t know what else there was to do, but after high school, Joe packed up and headed to the University of Arkansas to pursue a career in agronomy. It didn’t take long for him to realize home is where the farm is.

As a member of the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board, Joe wants to make sure farmers know the board is a good steward of their money and uses farmers’ checkoff dollars as wisely as they can. He wants consumers to know farmers work every day to be good stewards of the land.

Roles outside of the ASPB:

  • Member, Arkansas Soybean Association
  • Board Member, Arkansas Farm Bureau

Motto: The farmer is the eternal optimist. If at first you don’t succeed...

Favorite soyfoods: Edamame. We grow some on our own farm.

Why grow soybeans? It’s amazing to put that little seed into the ground and watch it grow, to watch what that little bean can grow into. It’s when you’re on the combine that you can really see the fruits of your labor.

What makes soybeans interesting: It truly is the miracle bean. It wasn’t until I joined the ASPB that I was really able to see the number of uses, from soy milk to edamame to insulation foam.

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