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Price Boney, Agriculture Banker

Merchants & Farmers Bank

This pre-optometry student didn’t imagine he would end up in the ag banking business, but an offer at the local bank in Dumas brought Price Boney back to his hometown. 

A few college major changes later, Price graduated with a degree in organismal biology from the University of Arkansas at Monticello. His roots in agriculture and family heritage of business owners lead Price to pursue his current career as assistant vice president at Merchants & Farmers Bank in Dumas, Arkansas.

We are trying to help them [farmers] do the best they can because without them we couldn’t be here.&rdquo

Growing up in an agriculture-focused community, Price knew the importance of assisting the men and women who have farmed in his hometown for many generations. As the assistant vice president at Merchants & Farmers Bank, Price and his colleagues provide round-the-clock customer service and expertise to their local farmers. His hope is that they receive information that leads to efficient production results.  

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