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Arkansas Row Crop Verification Program Chad Norton, UADA Soybean and Wheat Verification Coordinator

Investigating Emerging Production Recommendations for Sustainable Soybean Production Dr. Jeremy Ross, UADA Extension Agronomist

Insect Management with Ben Thrash

Detailed Data Supports Irrigation Management Decisions

Identifying Symptoms and Solutions for Soybean Taproot Decline

Breeding Program with Dr. Mozzoni

Germplasm Enhancement with Dr. Leandro Mozzoni

Identifying Best Practices in Integrated Weed Management Dr. Tommy Butts, Dr. Jason Norsworthy, Dr. Tom Barber and Dr. Nilda Burgos

Dr. Gus Lorenz Talks 2019 Insect Challenges

How to Use Water Monitoring Systems

Controlling Palmer Amaranth with Metribuzin Tolerant Soybean Varieties

Seed Treatments & Seeding Rates: Planting the Seed for Next Year

The Benefits of Soybean Variety Testing

Best Practices for Soybean Pigweed Management

How to Handle Southern Root-Knot Nematodes

Dr. Mozzoni Soybean Breeder

Cultivating Yield Increasing Soybean Varieties

Battling Redbanded Stink Bugs

Improving Soybean Yield Potential with Smart Applications

Feeding Poultry’s Potential with Soymeal

Arkansas Soybean Producers Invest in New Breeder

Cover Crops Yield Agronomic Benefits, Weed Control

Destroying Weed Seeds

Neonicotinoid Effects on Arkansas Honey Bees

Warmer Winters Create Pest Problems to Overcome

Outwitting Weed Resistance

Battling Palmer Pigweed

How to Spray Your Crop and Save Money at the Same Time

ASU College of Agriculture and Technology

Plant Pathology

Soil Testing Program

Foundation Seed Program

Selecting Seed Varieties

Soybean Research Verification Program

Tackling the Stinky Kudzu Bug

Weed Control in the Soybean Industry

Controlling the Harmful Effects of Nematodes

Improving Yield and Yield Stability for Irrigated Soybeans

Development of Effective Management of Frogeye Leaf Spot

Bee, Corn Earworm, Fire Ant and Educating Growers and Consultants Projects

Investigating Emerging Production Recommendations

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