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Warmer Winters Create Pest Problems to Overcome

“Mild” has become a common descriptor of Arkansas winters, but the problems they create are anything but popular among the state’s soybean producers. With the growing season upon us, last year’s mild winter has caused much concern over the pests they might encounter early in the season.

Dr. Gus Lorenz, extension entomologist with the University of Arkansas’s Division of Agriculture warns about Fall Armyworms, Red Banded Stink Bugs – which are migratory – and Soybean Loopers could make themselves known much earlier than usual if they survived the winter.

Unlike the stink bugs common to the state, the Red Banded Stink Bug reacts to sprays in a less repulsive manner because they can bounce back quicker, which can make it harder for producers to get ahead of the problem. The costly effect this pest can have on yield can be seen across Louisiana where the past few seasons have seen increased yield loss and even crop failure in some areas.

For more information on ways to control pests that survived the mild winter and the research Dr. Gus Lorenz and the UA-Division of Agriculture are conducting, visit their website.

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