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Emerging Production Recommendations Dr. Jeremy Ross, UADA Soybean Agronomist

Dr. Jeremy Ross, extension soybean agronomist with the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, heads two checkoff-funded research projects. Each project aims to give Arkansas soybean producers the information they need to make planting decisions.

The tech transfer project focuses on distributing research results to producers around the state. Also published in that program is information on varieties that has been gathered, a new flood-tolerant publication and cross-reference screening for over 200 varieties.

“It’s a good reference, not only for researchers in the future to look at what’s been done in Arkansas,” Ross said, “but it also gives farmers the opportunity to see what research is going on in the state.”

The second project is Science for Success. This group contains representatives from multiple states who share information and research results. The group promotes collaboration on research projects, such as the nitrogen-sulfur study that is in its second year and a new study concerning biological products. The group keeps the research relevant to producers by testing what producers are being asked to plant.

“We all can do research in our own states, but sometimes we don’t get a lot of data,” Ross said. “We decided as a group to look at collaborative projects and have common treatments across multiple states.”

Arkansas soybean producers benefit greatly from the collaborative nature of these projects. There is always more to learn and discover, and checkoff-funded research projects like this ensure those discoveries are known.

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