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Battling Palmer Pigweed

Dr. Bob Scott, weed scientist with the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, updates us on the battle against Palmer Pigweed in the 2017 growing season. Dr. Scott says that sound resistance management practices is key in the battle against Palmer Pigweed, which we've been battling since the early 2000s. Palmer Pigweed seed has high-seed dormancy and can take as long as seven years to completely eliminate the weed from a field. Equipment cleaning and sterilization is essential to keeping Pigweed contained. Running over a single plant with a combine then moving that piece of machinery to another field can spread millions of Pigweed seeds on your farm. You can contaminate a field with tillage equipment, planters and combines.
In Arkansas, we have a zero tolerance program in place to minimize the effects of Pigweed on our growing operations. The problem increases with areas like turn rows, ditch banks, so growers must pay attention to areas outside their fields to help control contamination. Let us know how you're dealing with Pigweed on your farm and follow Dr. Scott on Twitter to learn more about the battle against Pigweed.

To listen on the go, click here for the podcast version of this video as well as other helpful checkoff-funded research in audio format.

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