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Improved Broiler Food Efficiency Dr. Michael Kidd, Professor of Poultry Nutrition at the University of Arkansas

Soy-based animal feed has been shown to provide hogs and other livestock that eat it with increased energy and improved overall health. Dr. Michael Kidd, professor of poultry nutrition at the University of Arkansas (U of A), is researching how soy-based animal meal benefits poultry and the poultry industry.

“This project is looking at the assessment of different nutrient profiles of soybeans and tracking that from the field into the broilers for improved efficiency,” Kidd said.

Working with the Crop Sciences department at U of A, Kidd is identifying traits of soybeans that improve health outcomes for broilers. The aim of the project is to inform the poultry industry of what feed is best. Benefits of this project could include better feed conversion, better growth rates in the poultry industry and improved sustainability. Kidd and his team work with the poultry industry and compare the research results to what the poultry industry is currently experiencing.

“This is the first time I’ve been fortunate to receive this type of funding,” Kidd said. “I’m very please to be working with the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board.”

While soybeans are commonly used in animal feed, this project can provide additional data that will encourage more poultry companies to consider soy-based meal for their birds, thereby increasing soybean demand.
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