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Chance Creighton, Agriculture Consultant

Arkansas, Ag

Chance Creighton to the University of Arkansas. Not until after he received a degree in psychology, did Chance appreciate what his hometown of Dumas brought him – a love for agriculture.

For this reason, Chance made a non-traditional career move and chose a profession in agriculture. He now serves as a precision agriculture consultant for Arkansas Ag in Dumas, Arkansas. Chance integrates technology, research, data management and troubleshooting into his career. This helps him provide Arkansas producers with a higher yield potential and increase their profit each growing season.

"It [agriculture] has opened a lot of doors for me, my family, friends and this small town.” 

He harnesses technology to provide assistance to producers without leaving the office. With precision agriculture, Chance is able to use data from the previous year’s harvest to educate producers on decisions about planting, fertilizing and harvesting crops for the next growing season.

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