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Beth Killingsworth, Agriculture Insurance Sales Agent

Beth Killingsworth is an advocate for higher education and agriculture. Her extensive background and experience in several areas of agriculture has paved the way for her newest agriculture career, insurance.
Born in Helena, Arkansas, Beth moved to Morton, where she quickly became immersed in agriculture. She played in fields across the farm as a young girl and helped her grandfather during the growing season. Beth attended Arkansas State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural business. After spending some time working, she returned to school and earned a master’s in business administration at Harding University. Beth worked on her own farm as a rice, wheat and soybean grower for four crop seasons. Her time spent as a grower provided hands on experience in agriculture before moving on to other opportunities in the industry. She eventually moved on to equipment sales at a dealership, gaining sales experience and learning about networking. This combination of skills advanced her to the agriculture insurance industry she works in now.
Beth is an example of understanding there are many different careers in the industry. Taking an internship is one way Beth says would help with experience and finding a niche in agriculture.
Beth’s career choice shows the dedication she has to both agriculture and business. To learn more about careers available to you in agriculture, click here
To find college majors in agriculture, go to 

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