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Blake Smith – Northeast Arkansas Regional Science Fair Junior Level Winner Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, AR

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Blake Smith, Salem High School, Salem, AR

Mentor: Ms. Amanda Smith

Category: Environmental Sciences

Project Title: River Pollution


My topic is River Pollution. I picked this project because I swim in rivers a lot and don’t know what’s in them. I do not want myself or others to get sick from what’s in the rivers. My Question is that if we cleaned the water and kept it clean would it change. My answer is no. My hypothesis states that it would not matter because we would have to clean wherever the water starts. And people are still going to put stuff in the water. For my experiment, I obtained a water tester kit, I got water from the river and put it in the tube. I put pills in the water to see if it would change colors. If it did, I would look in the handbook and see what that meant. I would graph it and put it in my science fair project. In my experiment, I was also picking up trash and making sure to graph it too. I would also graph how many cars there were. I learned that people loved the river, but they do not love it enough to keep it clean. I found more and more trash each day.

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