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Donald Morton Jr.

Nominated By: Riceland




Donald Morton Jr. never wondered about the path he would take. Farming was a part of his past, and he wanted it for his future. A third-generation farmer, Donald started on his own in 1992 with 800 acres. After 25 years, his operation has grown 275 percent to 3,000 acres. He shares it with his wife Kelli; their children, Caroline and Cole; and Cole’s wife, Lori: and their three children, Abby, Anna and Samuel. Donald hopes to see farming continue in his family.

Becoming a member of the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board was eye opening for Donald because he was able to see firsthand what his checkoff dollars were paying for. As a member of the board, Donald wants to express how important checkoff dollars are to the soybean industry, as well as educate Arkansans on the level of work farmers put into growing soybeans each year through marketing, promotion and research.

Roles outside of the ASPB:

  • Board of Directors, Riceland
  • Member, Arkansas Rice Council
  • Board Member, Arkansas Rice Farmers

Favorite soyfood: Edamame.

Favorite non-soyfood use: Astroturf.

The Impact of the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board in your words: Through educating students about the versatility of the crop and everyday life uses, we’re able to reach inner-city kids who aren’t connected to a farm.

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