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Douglas Hartz, Vice Chairman

Nominated By: Arkansas Soybean Association

For those in the soybean industry, the Hartz name started it all. For Doug Hartz, his last name means the tradition his grandfather, Jacob Hartz Sr., started 91 years ago when he planted the first soybean crop in Arkansas. Doug says, “It’s pretty awesome to know your grandfather introduced soybeans to Arkansas in 1926.”

In college, Doug majored in agronomy and minored in business. After graduating, he worked at Hartz Seed as a seed production agronomist and salesman before moving to Hartz Agricultural Services. The farm management experience he gained at Hartz Agricultural Services, a subsidiary of Hartz Seed, led him to start Hartz Farm Management, Inc., a farm management and real estate business.

Hartz Farm Management, Inc. helps keep the Hartz name in Arkansas soybeans and serves as the eyes and ears of the land they manage for their clients.

As a member of the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board, Doug works to ensure checkoff dollars are appropriately applied to new technology and research.

Roles outside of the ASPB:

  • Board of Directors, Arkansas Soybean Association
  • Past Member, American Soybean Association
    • Served on the Executive Committee for 3 years
      • Past Vice President

Motto: Work hard, fair and honest, and people will be good to you.

Favorite soyfoods: Soybean oil for frying catfish, and the soybean ice cream Brave New Restaurant created.

What makes soybeans interesting: It is a very versatile crop. Soybeans have the ability to adjust to different soil types. They have an adaptability and flexibility other crops don’t.

If you could tell Arkansans one thing about soybeans: Just look at the overall impact of soybeans on the economy. It’s a wonderful thing.

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