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Executive Vice President


Native Arkansan, Andrew Grobmyer, provides insight into his duties as executive vice president of the Agricultural Council of Arkansas (ACA) and the prospective influence agriculture has on our state’s economy.

His roots in agriculture began with his great grandfather’s cotton farm in Caraway, Arkansas in Craighead County. Despite growing up around the farming industry, Grobmeyer went to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and got a degree in marketing. After graduating, he moved to Washington, D.C. to serve as the legislative assistant for Sen. Mark Pryor and Congressman Marion Berry. There, he gained extensive knowledge of Arkansas through his legislative agriculture work relating to Arkansas farmers, agri-businesses and rural communities, which he was able to bring back to our state.

“If you look at a map of Arkansas, you can see they [farmers] are working day-to-day trying to do their job to produce a crop, which in turn feeds the world.”

As the executive vice president of the Agricultural Council of Arkansas, he advocates for the agriculture industry in Arkansas and works to make sure local farmers’ voices are being heard on Capitol Hill.

Due to the rapid growth of technology and science, agriculture is an involving field, which offers many career opportunities in this industry. In terms of its career potential, Grobmyer states a study, “60,000 jobs in agriculture [will be] needed per year and the graduating work force is only at about 35,000 per year.” Watch our entire Field to Film series to see the many agriculture career options  here 

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