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Brandon Finch, Farm Manager & Producer Seed Production Company

Brandon Finch has many ag titles, including third-generation farmer, farm manager and entrepreneur. No matter the endeavor, agriculture is the foundation for everything Brandon Finch does.

“People in agriculture understand their why,” Finch said. “Their why is to provide for their families and to provide for the other 98 percent of the people on this globe that need food and fiber.”

Brandon was born in Caraway, Arkansas, but his father moved the family 28 miles east to Jonesboro when he was in the fifth grade. Deep in the heart of the Delta, Brandon learned farming from his grandfathers on both sides, his father and his uncle.

After completing high school, Brandon said, “see you later,” to northeast Arkansas and hit the road for Fayetteville. At the University of Arkansas, Brandon earned a degree in ag business and farm management. With four years of college behind him, Brandon returned to the farm.

Eager to dive right into the family business, Brandon was surprised when his father took him desk shopping.

He said, “If you’re gonna learn how to farm, you’re gonna learn how to farm from this desk first, ‘cus anybody can work,’” Finch said.

12 years after his start behind a desk, Brandon and a longtime friend started an automated irrigation and telemetry business, which he still runs today, along with being an account manager for a seed production company. Brandon’s father and uncle continue to run the family farm.

Although Brandon loves farming, he said he is thankful for the eclectic opportunities in agriculture that have come his way. It demonstrates the diversity of skills required to have a successful career in agriculture.

“I’ve gotten to travel all over the U.S. and see different farm practices,” Finch said. “I’ve been to Nebraska and Iowa, and it’s really interesting to see how other people do things – puts some perspective on where we are in the south and really highlights the intensity.”

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