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Jenna Martin, Farmer/Agribusiness Major Arkansas State University

Jenna Martin developed a passion for agriculture growing up on her family’s farm. Jenna’s family farms 1,900 acres of corn, rice and beans across three different counties. Since the age of 5, she has created her footprint in ag starting out as a participant in 4-H. From there, she worked for the county agent’s office and served as Miss Arkansas Rice 2013-2014.

After graduating from high school, Jenna attended a local community college and continued to help out on the farm. Her parents’ influence and her desire to learn more about the business side of farming led her to transfer to Arkansas State University where she currently majors in agribusiness and minors in strategic communication.

Jenna says that her agribusiness classes are strengthening her business skills. She hopes to pair her experience working on the farm with her business knowledge after graduation. Her goal is to find a career in agriculture that allows her to work outside and farm the land.

Jenna on women in ag: Jenna doesn’t want young women to stray away from the agriculture field. “32% of the farming population is female.” She says that there are opportunities for women to make their mark in the ag industry.

Interested in making your mark in agriculture? Jenna says that there are diverse opportunities in the ag industry. She places a special emphasis on STEM areas such as technology, engingeering and math. Jenna believes that the younger generation can help the older generation of farmers understand and operate technology that helps them improve operations on their farm.

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