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AyiKwei Perry, Forester & Farmer Marianna, AR

Growing up in Marianna, AyiKwei was exposed to agriculture at an early age. Starting his own farm was a dream since childhood. Working more than 15 years in the industry, AyiKwei has expanded his skill set across the country in states like Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio. He got his start in forestry as a student at Alabama A&M University.

Before enrolling at Alabama A&M, during his senior year of high school, AyiKwei visited Alabama A&M’s campus to learn more about the forestry program and found it to be a fit for his professional goals and farming dream. As a current forester and farmer, AyiKwei uses his bachelor’s degree and industry expertise to care for his land and grow a higher quality crop.

“It’s not a sprint. It’s a marathon,” says AyiKwei. He believes that farmers have to find the methods that work best for their individual farm and operation. He learns about the latest, best practices in farming and forestry from driving through the Mississippi Delta and reading information from the University of Arkansas and farmer Facebook groups. His goal? To raise the best crop possible.

Interested in making your mark in agriculture? AyiKwei says that access to information through technology today helps farmers and foresters make better decisions than in years past. Although farming is a real investment, AyiKwei believes that technology and information have helped make it easier for farmers to get a better return on their investment.

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