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Foundation Seed Program

Program Associate of the Foundation Seed Program, University of Arkansas, Debbie Wisdom, describes how new varieties are developed to produce a high-quality seed for growers.

"I work in the Foundation Seed Program because I love working with the growers and communicating with them. I'm going to do the best I can to provide growers with seed information."

A soybean breeder, such as Dr. Chen, creates varieties in its purest seed form, also known as breeder seed, and provides the varieties to the Foundation. The seed is then planted at an experiment stations in Stuttgart, and beyond, potentially producing at 50 pounds per acre once it’s clean. Seeds are cleaned and conditioned to eliminate weed seed and other debris. Through this program, soybean farmers can trust that their varieties have been field inspected and lab tested to guarantee a higher profit potential for the growing season.

Foundation Seed varieties available:

Conventional Seed


UA 5612

UA 5213C

UA 5014C

Roundup Ready Seed

UA 5414RR

Specialty Seed


Learn more information about this year's Foundation Seed varieties available to Arkansas soybean farmers.

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