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Jonathan Gonzales – Northwest Arkansas Regional Science & Engineering Fair Winner University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR

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Jonathan Gonzales, Fayetteville Christian School, Fayetteville, AR

Mentor: Alicia Deavens

Category: Plant Sciences

Project Title: Comparing Crop Species Response to Heat

In this project we will discover which of these popular crop species create the most efficient heat pack for First Aid purposes. I chose this project because I am curious which will make a better heat pack. I have grown to like the many uses of soybeans, so maybe they will excel and generate a better heat pack. I chose rice because it is a very popular ‘homemade’ heat pack. I chose soybeans because they are one of Arkansas’ largest agricultural exports and I am very familiar with them. Finally, I chose chickpeas really, just for a third option, but frozen peas are a highly recommended item for ice packs too, so why not compare them to rice and soybeans to see if they are just as effective as a heat pack as they are an ice pack. In conclusion, the soybeans did the best, even though it was close. They were able to heat up the quickest and even maintain heat for a longer time. So, when it comes to homemade heat packs, then soybeans should be the best option. However, in second place was the chickpeas. Not only do they make for a great ice pack, but they can also do great things as a heat pack. In my opinion, the rice did not do as great as I assumed it was going to do, however, they still make a good heat pack, but it will not last as long.

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