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Joseph Young – Ouachita Mountains Regional Science & Engineering Fair Winner Hot Springs, AR

Screenshot 2021-07-28 131721

Joseph Young, Mountain Pine High School, Mountain Pine, AR

Mentor: Bobby Young

Category: Environmental Sciences

Project Title: Burning Biofuels


Why is it when taking a shower, it’s never easy to find the perfect temperature? This could be due to the height of the person taking the shower. Using a self-constructed apparatus, the temperature was measured (dependent variable) in increments of 15 cm (independent variable) starting from the head of the shower (0 cm) to 135 cm down the apparatus. The hypothesis states that if an individual is farther from the showerhead, then they will use more energy to heat their water reserves. Analysis of the data shows that the hypothesis is proven. Further analysis indicates as the bathroom air’s access to the outside temperature increases, the water’s temperature decreases significantly in comparison to when it had no access to the outside atmosphere. In conclusion, the shorter the individual is, the more energy they will use when showering

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