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Josh Cureton

Nominated By: Arkansas Farm Bureau

As a sixth-generation farmer, Josh Cureton has been working alongside his family on their property near Cash, Arkansas his whole life. According to him, farming is in his blood, and it is something he’s known he has wanted to do since a very early age.

Josh gained the practical skills it takes to grow a crop from his father, and supplemented that knowledge with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture he earned at Arkansas State University, where he graduated cum laude.

For Josh, his interest in agriculture stems from his love of growing things and watching new life emerge. This extends to his family, to which he says his work is dedicated, remarking how his efforts allow him to provide his wife and children a good life and opportunities for the future.

What is your personal motto?

Work hard at what you can control and let God take care of the rest.

Outside of the ASPB, are you involved in any other professional organizations?

I am involved in Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation where I have held various positions at the county and state level.

What kind of impact do you think the ASPB has had:

I believe ASPB has played a large role, but there will always be more work to do. As the general public is more disconnected to production agriculture, we as farmers are tasked with educating consumers about the growing of soybeans in the state. People want to hear our story. They want to know that their food supply is not only sustainable but that their safety and the safety of the environment is a top priority. Occasionally I speak at career fairs and have discovered that farming has become a bit of a novelty to young people. They are eager to ask questions and I stress that not all jobs in agriculture involve driving a tractor. They are surprised to hear that about 20% of the jobs in our state are in agribusiness.

What is your favorite soy product?

Some Arkansas raised catfish filets deep fried with a side of hushpuppies

What is most interesting to you about soybeans and their uses?

The most interesting thing is the diversity of products. There are all the food products including meat. There are industrial products like plastics and carpet. There are biofuels. Soybeans are even in asphalt.

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