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Julie Robinson Associate Professor, University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture

Julie Robinson’s, associate professor at the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, roots are in dairy and forestry. As a child growing up on a farm, she experienced farm life firsthand, which led to her earning an agriculture business degree from Arkansas State University.

“I like the ag business degree because it’s pretty versatile,” Robinson said. “You get to learn a little bit about all areas of agriculture.”

She also holds a master’s in agriculture economics from the University of Arkansas and a doctorate in human and community resource development from Ohio State University. After earning her doctorate, she came back to Arkansas to work for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture (UADA), where she serves as a leadership specialist.

“I had a wonderful opportunity to come back to my home state and work with the people here that I grew up with and that I love,” Robinson said. “I’ve been with the U of A System of Ag ever since.”

At UADA, Robinson is preparing the leaders of today and tomorrow. She works with adults who participate in the Lead AR program, helping them develop leadership skills and build on their knowledge of specific issues pertaining to the agriculture industry. She works with students as part of the Soybean Science Challenge, where she encourages the next generation to learn and grow professionally in agriculture.

“[The Soybean Science Challenge] is a fantastic opportunity to engage young student researchers that are high school age in soybean and agriculture sustainability,” Robinson said.

In her role with the Soybean Science Challenge, Robinson works with science teachers and students across the state to communicate that agriculture is part of STEM. Every type of science, such as biology, microbiology or math, can all link back to agriculture. As a result of the program, many students are discovering their interest in agriculture, ensuring the agriculture industry continues to advance with new generations of curious and innovative leaders.

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