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Kisia Weeks, Ag Teacher & FFA Advisor White Hall High School

Name: Kisia Weeks

Position: Agriculture Mechanics and Natural Resources Teacher and FFA Advisor

Location: White Hall High School

Education: Agriculture Education at Arkansas Tech University

White Hall High School Agriculture Mechanics teacher and FFA Advisor Kisia Weeks always knew she wanted to teach. She even used to practice teaching to her stuffed animals as a young child.

Though Kisia’s dream of teaching was certain, she wasn’t always sure what subject she wanted to teach.

“It wasn’t until I got into ag that I knew I wanted to be an ag teacher,” Weeks said. “And once I decided that in ninth grade, I ran with it, and I never looked back.”

As the daughter of a construction business owner, Kisia grew up working with her hands, always with a tool belt on her hip.

Weeks joined FFA in the ninth grade, but she had no idea the impact it would have on her professional life.

“It's weird for me to think about where I would be without FFA,” she said. “I know I wouldn’t be where I am now. My life would be completely different.”

Weeks’ high school ag teacher motivated her to stay in FFA, often reminding her that there is a place for everybody in FFA. Weeks carries that vision out today in her own classroom remarking, “And there’s a place for everybody in my class because the ag industry is so diverse.”

Upon graduating from high school, Weeks enrolled in ag studies at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville. With the continued encouragement of her father and ag teachers through college, Weeks fulfilled her aspirations for a career in ag education. Today, Weeks strives to be a source of encouragement for her own students.

“It’s rewarding to get to work with students and help them realize how important ag is. I don’t even think I would have considered ag if it wouldn’t have been for my dad’s advice,” Weeks said. “I enjoy showing my students the variety of career paths that stem from ag.”

Weeks incorporates lessons into her classroom that demonstrate the diversity of agriculture and the many careers students can choose from that appeal to almost any area of interest. From agribusiness, to ag research, Weeks says the career opportunities in the ag industry are abundant.

“My favorite part of teaching ag is opening new doors for my students that that weren’t there before ag was introduced to the curriculum at White Hall High School,” Weeks said. “My students get to learn about new technology and get hands-on experience with it in our ag shop. Ag has a wide range of activities.”

Weeks hopes her next project is an onsite barn to keep students’ livestock projects and integrating plant science into the curriculum.

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