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Morgan Mayer, Agriculture Loan Officer Ag Resource Management

When Morgan Mayer walked onto Arkansas State's campus in Jonesboro, she wanted a life with animals, but the girl from a hobby cattle farm ended up down a different path.

Morgan did not know much about row crops or think she’d pursue a career that required math growing up, but it didn't take long for her to realize being a veterinarian wasn't her calling. With a little guidance from A-State’s Bert Greenwalt, Ph.D., she found her place in agriculture business.

Working as a bank teller in college, she realized banking was something she was interested in and with an ag business degree, took on a career as a loan officer at Ag Resource Management (ARM). Morgan said many of the older producers want to retire and pass it on to the next generation and ARM is able to provide the financing these producers need to keep the cycle going.

"We're the beginning of the process," she said. "To see the relief on their face, essentially because we've provided them funding, financing, peace of mind overnight is why I come to work."

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