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Mark Holt Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Mark Holt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Riceland, grew up around agriculture in Stuttgart but didn’t expect it to be his career. While attending the University of Arkansas, however, he saw that even finance and economics are part of agriculture. He knew then, even as he went to law school, he wasn’t getting away from agriculture.

“Agriculture’s been my calling whether I liked it or not,” Holt said.

In his 10 years at Riceland, Holt has traveled the world selling rice and soybeans grown by Arkansas farmers with the goal of adding value to Riceland’s farmer members. He has also seen the impact and influence Arkansas farmers have globally through the crops they produce. He’s proud to see that influence come from a small, rural town in Eastern Arkansas.

Over the last decade, Holt’s career at Riceland has also taught him many important lessons that got him to where he is today. He’s traveled to 21 countries, where he experienced different cultures and values. He learned how to relate to those people while ensuring Arkansas farmers get the best return on their investment.

Holt encourages those trying to figure out their career to look into agriculture no matter their area of study. He found that the skills law school instilled in him prepared him for a career in agriculture.

“There’s something in agriculture for everyone. You name it, it’s here,” Holt said.

No matter the career, though, Holt believes communication and relationships are important and will take you anywhere.

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