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Robb Dedman Ag Consultant & Owner of Ultimate Ag Consulting

Early mornings are a regular part of Robb Dedman’s life, especially in the summer to avoid the hottest part of the day. As an Ag Consultant and the owner of Ultimate Ag Consulting, he’s in rice or soybean fields in Southeast Arkansas, assisting and advising farmers as they grow their crops and prepare for harvest season.

Dedman grew up in agriculture and credits his grandfather for cultivating his passion for the industry. After serving as a rice scout with the University of Arkansas in high school and falling in love with that crop, he attended U of A for a degree in agronomy, plant protection and integrated pest management. He thought, after a few years working in the industry, that could leave and pursue a different career. However, he was wrong and began looking for a job anywhere in agriculture. In 2000, he became an independent ag consultant to work one-on-one with farmers.

“That was my passion,” said Dedman. “That’s where you can help farmers.”

In spite of recent health issues, he and his business partners launched a new business called Advanced Ag Products. This new business allows him to continue to be part of the industry by providing feed or fertilizers to farmers in his area.

“When you’re in the field,” said Dedman, “you’ve got the best view around. You’re out in the open and get to experience the sounds of the outdoors.”

Dedman continues to work closely with the farmers in his area to ensure they have all they need to have successful growing seasons.

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