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Zach Steinmetz, Sales Agronomist Local Seed Company

Zach grew up with a passion for agriculture as the grandson of a farmer. Knowing that he wanted to work in the ag industry, he enrolled at Mississippi State University’s agribusiness program. During his time as an undergraduate, Zach learned the business side of farming. He applied his heritage and education to build a career in agriculture.

He started gaining agriculture experience off his family farm as an intern for a private consultant before graduating from college. Now he applies everything he’s learned along his journey to help farmers make the best decisions on products for their operation. As a sales agronomist for Local Seed Company in Stuttgart, Zach educates farmers in Memphis and East Arkansas about the products and resources needed to get the best yield on crops, which increases profit.

With so much information for farmers, both accurate and inaccurate, Zach says that sales agronomists are essential to informing growers and helping them make decisions.

Zach on his job: “[Farmers] need somebody who can just kind of ease the waters and help them make these decisions. Because ultimately, it’s about them being profitable.”

Interested is becoming a sales agronomist? Zach says farmers are looking for someone they can trust to give them the most accurate product and industry information possible. Sales agronomists not only help farmers select the best products, but they also maintain relationships with farmers and follow up with them to see what they could improve on in the next planting season.

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