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Soybean Burgers

3 tablespoons soy oil
¼ cup chopped onion
¼ cup finely chopped green pepper
¼ cup finely chopped celery
1 cup cooked soybeans
1 cup brown rice
¼ cup flour
Salt and pepper to taste
Sesame seeds for coating

In a small skillet, heat the soy oil over low heat. Add the onion, green pepper, and celery; sauté until tender. Add the soybeans, rice, and flour to the skillet; mix. Add a little water, if necessary, to bind the mixture. Season with salt and pepper.

Form the mixture into four patties. Coat the patties on both sides with sesame seeds. In a large non-stick skillet, sauté the patties until golden. Flip and sauté until golden on the other side.

Serve the patties hot, with or without hamburger rolls, and garnished as desired.

Yield: 4 patties. Per pattie: 320 calories, 20 g fat (1.5 g sat fat), 12 g protein (0.3 g soy protein), 25 g carbohydrate, 610 mg sodium, 0 mg cholesterol, 5 g dietary fiber.

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