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Soybean Cross Reference Guide

The Cross Reference Guide for Common Soybean Varieties lists varieties that are genetically the same but sold by different companies. It’s important to note, two varieties that are genetically the same may not perform the same side by side in the field due to differences in environmental conditions and management practices among seed increase production fields. How the seed is handled and processed between the time of harvesting in the seed increase field and planting in a grower’s field also influences overall seed quality, which in turn can affect the performance of two varieties that genetically are the same.


Click here to view the Cross Reference Guide for Common Soybean Varieties 

Information used to develop this listing was obtained from multiple sources including university and seed company resources. This information was collected at random from regulatory samples, thus not all varieties that are the same as other varieties may be listed. In addition, some varieties listed are no longer sold commercially.

Information contained within this publication was compiled by Jeremy Ross, Assistant Professor/Extension Agronomist – Soybean, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture. Please contact Jeremy if you have any questions or comments at or 501-671-2148.

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