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Greg & Ryan Bell

In this career snapshot, soybean farmers and brothers Greg and Ryan Bell, talk to students about what it's like to run a farm.

Ryan had no intentions of being in the agricultural industry. He chose to major in agriculture business at Arkansas State University after consulting with his family and academic advisor. Once he became involved in the program, he realized that it was the right path for him.

"I don't regret any step that I've taken to get here."

- Ryan Bell

Greg also majored in agriculture business. During his years as a student at Arkansas State University, he worked under a professional who taught him more than he learned throughout the entire degree program. He realized the value of patience and being able to solve problems that arose during his research.

Greg and Ryan manage their farm by using technology and the business skills they learned while obtaining an agriculture business degree.

"The biggest difference today in who's going to be successful and not is on the business side of it."

- Greg Bell

The Bell boys work with others, including Scott Greenwalt at Crop Production Services, to produce successful crops. They also stay up to date on the business and marketing side of farming.

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