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Soybean Research Verification Program

Soybean and Wheat Research Verification Coordinator for South Arkansas with the University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture, Chad Norton, discusses the critical steps taken in the Soybean Research Verification Program (SRVP), which provides farmer’s information on how to produce a profitable crop using research-based production recommendations.

"I’m funded 100 percent by the board. Every part of my job – benefits, truck, travel, all of that – is furnished by the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board and I sincerely thank them for that."

The process begins with collecting research data from experiment stations, then the SRVP test the results on a commercially producing commodity field. During this process, the crops are scouted for weeds, insects and diseases all year round and an irrigation scheduler program is utilized. At harvest time, all production practices and inputs are entered into a data sheet and submitted to the economists, and they assess our profitability and effectiveness for that producing year.

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