Taylor’s Steakhouse


   Taylor’s Steakhouse is known throughout the Mid-South for soy-fed steaks on the menu, but the returning Kitchen | Fields Table Tour partner is becoming known throughout Arkansas for its support of Arkansas soybean growers. The Kitchen | Fields Table Tour, an educational food program created by the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board, offers a delicious answer to Arkansans’ question about where their food comes from.


Located in southeast Arkansas, surrounded by soybean fields, Taylor’s has been a Dumas staple since the 1950s. Since transitioning from a local grocery store to a restaurant in 2012, owners Chuck and Pamela Taylor have been creating dishes that bring customers from around the state, and the featured Kitchen | Fields Table dish in June is no exception. Taylor’s is taking a break from its signature steak to highlight another way to consume soybeans, by ordering the blackened duck breast with a wine reduction raspberry chipotle and soy purée.

“We are so honored to be a part of this tour and proud to be a part of our great farming community,” Pamela Taylor said.

Educating Arkansans about the impact of the soybean industry through food, the Kitchen | Fields Table Tour partners exclusively with Arkansas-owned restaurants. Using the power of food to feed Arkansas’s hunger for knowledge, the Kitchen | Fields Table Tour teaches about the impact consumers have on the state’s $2 billion soybean industry. Created in 2015, the Kitchen | Fields Table Tour kicks off in January and runs through June, featuring a partner restaurant’s uniquely mouth-watering take on soybeans from cheesecake to beef noodle soup.


The partner restaurants for the 2018 Kitchen | Fields Table Tour include: 

  • The Butcher Shop, Little Rock | January
  • The Hive, Bentonville | February
  • Postmasters Grill, Camden | March
  • Three Fold Noodles + Dumpling Co., Little Rock | April
  • J Town’s Grill, Jonesboro | May
  • Taylor’s Steakhouse | June  

As the Kitchen | Fields Table Tour travels the state, the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board encourages all who walk through partner restaurants’ doors to eat more soy foods and soy-fed protein, such as pork, beef, turkey and chicken. Foodies of all backgrounds can find more information on the program, including facts about our soybean industry, by visiting TheMiracleBean.com.