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The Hive


The Hive, located in the 21c Museum Hotel, showcases Executive Chef Matt McClure’s vision of bringing refined, country cuisine of the High South to Bentonville, AR. His High South cooking style incorporates local ingredients from Northwest Arkansas while maintaining the region’s traditional methods of cooking. Because of McClure’s long-lasting relationships with local farmers and producers, he is able to assemble a menu that is reflective of the food culture in this region of Arkansas. 

McClure’s unique approach to providing customers with the High South experience when they dine has gotten this Little Rock native a few notable recognitions from the food industry: Food and Wine Magazine’s “The People’s Best New Chef” for the Midwest" in 2015 and a James Beard Foundation Award semi-finalist for the “Best Chef: South” in 2014 and 2015.

The Hive will feature McClure’s soybean-inspired dish for the Kitchen|Fields Table Tour – ricotta cavetelli with fresh soybeans, milled tomatoes, cured pork and hot pepper – until the end of March. Through this appetizing dish, Arkansans will be educated about where their food comes from and the impact they have on the soybean industry by consuming soy products, which in turn supports local soybean farmers. 

Watch Executive Chef of The Hive, Matt McClure, create his feature dish for the Kitchen|Fields Table Tour

As you can see, soybeans are used in cooking this feature dish, but pork is a part of the soybean industry as well. Soybeans are utilized in a variety of ways, including protein-rich meal which is used for animal feed. More than 1.8 million pigs farmed in Arkansas consumed soybean meal this year because of the high protein content it provides. 

"The Kitchen|Fields Table Tour program speaks so much to The Hive’s desire to source local food. We are always looking to support the farms in our region which serves our ingredient-driven approach to cooking. I want The Hive's menu to reflect the Arkansas food story, and soybeans are an integral part of Arkansas’ culinary identity,” said Matt McClure, executive chef at The Hive. 

Stop in to try this award-winning chef’s creation for the Kitchen|Fields Table Tour. You will definitely be buzzing about it!  

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