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Brad Doyle

Poinsett County
Appointed By: Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders





Brad Doyle’s agricultural roots trace back to his great-grandfather, who cultivated soybeans on the family farm in Cross County. Although venturing on a different agricultural path in the 1990s scouting soybeans and cotton, Brad returned to his family origins after meeting his wife, Joyce, and joining her family’s operation in 2001. He purchased his first farm in 2003. Today, he and Joyce, who received her Ph.D. in plant breeding from the University of Arkansas, grow row crops, including soybeans, for the family seed business while conducting crop and wildlife seed replicated small plot and strip trials.

Brad's goal as a board member is to use his understanding of the global soybean market and soybean breeding research background to help other farmers achieve a higher return on investment from their checkoff dollars.

Roles outside of the ASPB: Brad is the former Chairman of the American Soybean Association and remains on its board of directors. He also serves on the boards Arkansas Ag Council, Arkansas Farm Bureau, and the Natural Soybean and Grain Alliance. Additionally, as a Farmer Envoy for Solutions from the Land, Brad participates in United Nations COP events, advocating for sustainable agriculture practices globally.

Brad's Favorite soyfood: Natto soybeans

Brad’s favorite aspect of growing soybeans: Soybeans are the only complete protein with versatile applications. Soybean meal is the leading choice for poultry, swine, and aquaculture globally. Formerly a used solely as a byproduct, soybean oil has evolved beyond vegetable cooking oil; now it’s used as a premium clean green fuel and integral in products like tires, shoes, sealants, paints, and adhesives. The discovery of these applications can be largely attributed to Checkoff investments.

The Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board in Brad's words: The ASPB has the duty to responsibly disperse half of the funds collected from the soybean Checkoff. Opportunities exist through funding proposals that are reviewed and selected with the intent to reinvest in projects that help improve sustainability and profitability on our farms.

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