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Field to Film: Career Snapshots

Mark Holt Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Mark Holt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Riceland, grew up around agriculture in Stuttgart but didn’t expect it to be his career. While attending the University of Arkansas, however, he saw that even finance and economics are part of agriculture. He knew then, even as he went to law school, he wasn’t getting…

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Lewis Boykin Fish Health Extension Associate

It’s a fishy job but Lewis Boykin loves doing it. Boykin, a fish health extension associate at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Fish Health Lab, works directly with fisheries across Arkansas to help them ensure the product they sell meets acceptable commercial standards. He diagnoses the health and quality of fish populations and…

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Hunter Biram Assistant Professor and Extension Agricultural Economist

Growing up on a farm cultivated Hunter Biram’s passion for agriculture. His ambitions put him on a path where he could use his skills and passion to serve Arkansas farmers and ensure their success. Biram’s agriculture journey began on his family farm in Floral, Arkansas, where his family raised animals and had a peach orchard.…

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Robb Dedman Ag Consultant & Owner of Ultimate Ag Consulting

Early mornings are a regular part of Robb Dedman’s life, especially in the summer to avoid the hottest part of the day. As an Ag Consultant and the owner of Ultimate Ag Consulting, he’s in rice or soybean fields in Southeast Arkansas, assisting and advising farmers as they grow their crops and prepare for harvest…

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Jamison Murry, Soil Conservationist Pine Bluff, AR

As a child, Jamison Murry considered being a dentist, fireman or a police officer like his dad as a future career. Until he was introduced to farming and realized he wanted to take a different route studying the science behind production agriculture. “There was something about that dirt, there was something about a freshly tilled…

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