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Soy at Home

Did you know the edamame capitol of the United States is right here in Arkansas? Located an hour south of Fayetteville, Mulberry, Arkansas owns the title. However, soyfoods are more than edamame and tofu.

Delivering health benefits regardless of age or gender, soyfoods are packed with essential nutrients that boost growth and development. Soyfoods can fit in every lifestyle, whether you’re interested in being more heart healthy, managing food allergies or seeking healthful snacks.

Used in everything from protein shakes to baking flour to animal feed, you probably have soyfoods in your cupboard right now.

Some of the research the soybean checkoff funds is dedicated to improving the nutrition profile of soy protein and low-linolenic soybean oil, and to educate consumers and the food industry about the benefits of soy.

Along with low-linolenic oil, a soy-based solution to trans-fat, the checkoff-funded research, which has helped preserver the $700 million soybean cooking oil market, works to meet the needs of the food industry, including the development of soy oils with:

  • Increased oleic acid for use in frying and baking applications
  • Low-saturate fate to improve health profile
  • Increased omega-3 to provide a renewable source of essential nutrients
  • High-stearic acid to provide a cholesterol-neutral source of solid fat

This section will share ways to implement soy at home, the health benefits associated with soyfoods and our educational program, the Kitchen|Fields Table Tour.

To learn more about products that feature soy, view the United Soybean Board’s Soy Products Guide and see our recipes below.

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